Europa scleral lens fitting guide

Europa scleral lens fitting guide
05/06/2015 · This video delves into fitting Zenlens in more advanced scenarios including addressing asymmetrical sclera with toric peripheral curves, front toric optics, flexure control. Zenlens is super
Onefit minimizes both lens thickness and tear layer required to support the lens, maximizing oxygen transmission to the cornea and stem cells, while eliminating fitting issues associated with larger scleral lenses (fogging, conjunctival pro-lapse, etc). Onefit is designed to vault a …
Visionary Optics, Oak Brook, Illinois. 362 likes. Visionary Optics (Latitude, Europa, Elara & Jupiter) is an innovative, technology driven leader in the scleral lens industry; managing corneal…
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INSERTION • Place on a large or medium DMV suction cup OR use the tripod method using the thumb, index finger and middle finger to hold the lens. • Fill with non-preserved saline solution. • Instruct patient to lower head so that the face is parallel to the floor. • Hold both upper and lower lids wide open. – Patient may hold their lower lid.
fitting scleral lenses. (Figures 18-20) If you do not have access to this technology, a diagnostic fitting set is recommended. Corneal shapes, eccentricity, and sagittal height all influence the fitting relationship of the scleral lens. Evaluating a scleral lens on the eye after settling 20 …
09/08/2012 · A guide to scleral lens fitting 1. Pacific UniversityCommonKnowledgeBooks and Monographs Pacific University Libraries1-1-2010A Guide to Scleral Lens FittingEef van der WorpCollege of Optometry, Pacific UniversityRecommended Citationvan der Worp E.
Zenlens scleral lens for irregular corneas Zenlens scleral lens is fully vaulting and is co-designed with Jason Jedlicka, OD. Zenlens allows you to fit a wide variety of corneal shapes and sizes using a single fitting set and fitting philosophy. It offers you: A fundamentally well designed scleral lens with refined peripheral curves and

Maxim scleral lens is a scleral lens for advanced keratoconus with near add design. However, literature on use of these lenses is sparse. Fitting of scleral lenses is possible after intracorneal ring segments implantation in patients having keratoconus (Figure 3).
well fitting lens. The standard Maxim trial set includes 12 diagnostic lenses in 2 different diameters with varying optic zones and saggital depth. This set usually will correct multiple types of corneal disorders. The Maxim scleral lens can be custom designed for any patient and eye disorder. Lens Design
the lens pressure more equally on the sclera to improve the scleral lens fit. Background 1. Van der Worp E, Graf T, Caroline PJ. Exploring beyond the corneal borders. Contact Lens Spectrum 2010; 25 (6):26–32. 2 .Van der Worp E. A Guide to Scleral Lens Fitting (monograph online). Pacific University Common Knowledge: Books and Monographs. 2010.
A new version of this guide is available here. [Revised edition posted 12.04.2013] This guide is based on an extended literature search on the subject of scleral lens fitting and provides an overview of the latest knowledge and understanding on this exciting vision correction method. This guide serves as an introduction to scleral shape, scleral topography and scleral lens design as well as a
The Europa for Presbyopia is a concentric bifocal with a near center front surface and the back surface is that of the Europa Scleral lens. With Europa for Presbyopia, the goal is to live focused… with distance and near vision. Use the fitting principles listed in this fitting guide. Over refract the patient with a spherical component only
The scleral lens provides a smooth refracting surface, and the irregularities of the cornea are cancelled out by the liquid lens between the back of the lens and the front surface of the cornea. In other types of contact lens fitting, the aim is to match the curvature of the lens as close as possible to the shape of the cornea. With a scleral
Introducing a lens that can take your scleral fitting to a higher plane. Alden Optical’s® newest specialty lens has arrived: Zenlens™, a mini-scleral, fully vaulting lens co-designed with Jason Jedlicka, OD. Zenlens allows you to fit a wide variety of corneal shapes and sizes using a single fitting set and fitting philosophy. It offers you:

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Zenlens scleral lens for irregular corneas. Zenlens scleral lens, co-designed with Jason Jedlicka, OD, fully vaults the cornea and allows you to fit a wide variety of corneal shapes and sizes using a single fitting set and fitting philosophy. It offers you: Lens diameters of 16.0 mm and 17.0 mm—appropriate for a wide range of corneal sizes.
The lens has been successfully prescribed to thousands of irregular cornea contact lens patients in 24 Visser Contact Lens Eye Clinics in Europe, as well as in the US. Lens Design: The SynergEyes VS scleral lens vaults the entire cornea and limbus and lands on the sclera.
Gas Permeable Lenses With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing gas permeable contact lenses, you can count on our lab’s state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge technology, and top quality materials to provide your patients with exceptional service and GP lenses.
Since the SoftPerm (combination) contact lenses were discontinued, I have spent the past year and a half going through various contact lens possibilities with no luck until my eye doctor suggested Scleral Lenses to me. These lenses are the most comfortable contact lenses I have ever worn over the past 30+ years of having to wear contact lenses

The Optimum Infinite material is the most oxygen permeable material ever to be approved by the FDA. In addition, this newly FDA approved material includes a UV lens blocker. Now for the first time, with certain patients, wearing a scleral lens made with the Infinite material …
This is not necessary. Our Europa Scleral lens has been uniquely designed to fit a wide variety of corneal and scleral geometries. Multiple fitting sets are not needed to separately fit oblate and prolate corneas, as is often the case with other scleral lens designs.Simply apply the flattest lens in the fitting set that will give you the best central clearance possible.
Semi-scleral lens ROSE K TM NC TM Post GraftTM ROSE K2 XL TM ROSE K2 ROSE K2 TM ROSE K2 IC TM IRREGULAR CORNEA ROSE K2 Keratoconus PMD Post Graft Post Surgery Practitioners Fitting Guide Customer Care/Ordering: 800.253.9364 Consultation Direct: 800.566.8001 Online: Recommended in . ROSE K2 XL™ semi-scleral lens • Primary indications: Keratoconus, Pellucid …
In the past, scleral toricity has been difficult to measure when fitting lenses. With the sMap3D topographer, however, practitioners can figure out the requirements for toric peripheral curves, as well as how to reduce the amount of toricity, edge design complications and flexure stemming from a spherical lens put on a toric sclera.
Multifocal Optical Alignment for Scleral Lenses FITTING GUIDE FOR Ensure the near zone is on target with a lens that aligns the optics The ZenTM Multifocal design aligns the near zone over the visual axis instead of the center of the cornea which has been shown to provide clear vision in soft contact lenses.
A Guide to Scleral Lens Fitting . Description . A new version of this guide is available here. [Revised edition posted 12.04.2013] This guide is based on an extended literature search on the subject of scleral lens fitting and provides an
Here is my rookie approach to fitting scleral lenses: 1) Look at the K’s. I use the patient’s keratometry readings to determine my starting point. Each set will have a fitting guide which will recommend a lens to begin the process. Currently I average the patient’s K’s and then go one lens flatter. For example: K’s = 46.75/43.50 @ 095
FITTING GUIDE. Preparation, Cleaning & Sterilization 1 Oblate & Prolate Options 2 510(k) Clearance 3 About the Custom Stable 4 Basic Fitting Principals 5 Adding Front Toric 12 Laser Mark Guide 14 Fitting the Custom Stable Aurora 15 Troubleshooting the Custom Stable Aurora 16 Advanced Options 18 Quadrant Speci˜c Option 19 Edge Vault Option 21 Troubleshooting Guide 23 Consultation Services 24

The latest Tweets from Visionary Optics (@EuropaScleral). Visionary Optics (Europa, Elara & Jupiter) is a technology driven leader in the scleral lens industry; managing …
Comfort 15 Fitting Guide. Comfort 15 has been designed to make fitting a mini-scleral lens easier than ever before. There are only two fitting parameters to consider, SAG and edge profile. This speeds up the fitting process and therefore saves chair time. Watch our fitting video or download our fitting guide …
Visionary Optics Europa Scleral® The Europa Scleral® is a 2nd generation Jupiter Scleral lens that has been uniquely designed so that it is able to successfully fit a wide variety of corneal and scleral geometries while improving fit and comfort. The three main enhancements are:
14/10/2014 · Scleral Contact Lenses: A Perfect Fit for Irregular Corneas and Dry Eyes! – Duration: 2:07. IntroWellness Health and Wellness Simplified 1,595 views
Contact Lens Spectrum® is the most respected source of clinical contact lens information for optometrists, opticians and ophthalmologists. Each month, it offers timely editorial on fitting, overcoming complications, utilizing new technologies, gaining patient compliance and more — written by contact lens practitioners for contact lens practitioners.

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DATA-DRIVEN CLINICALLY PROVEN. BostonSight SCLERAL offers evidence-based lens designs that dramatically improve the quality of life of our patients.
Unfortunately, the keratometry readings from topography are not useful for scleral lens fitting because the vault of a scleral lens is fit based upon sagittal height. Additionally, placido-based corneal topographers are not able to measure out onto the conjunctival/scleral surface, which is necessary to accurately design the geometry of a
This guide is based on an extended literature search on the subject of scleral lens fitting and provides an overview of the latest knowledge and understanding on this exciting vision correction
The suggested process to describe what lens you require for this issue is: Locate the position of the pinguecula in relation to the location markings on the fitting lens, i.e. “ along 190 degrees”. Describe the width of the notch as an angular measurement using the narrow beam and the axis guide on the slit lamp. i.e. 20 or 30 degrees.
10 Tips for Smarter Scleral Lens Fitting Here is an easy, step-by-step guide to successfully fit your patients in scleral lenses.

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Scleral contact lenses are personalized for each user, so fitting scleral contacts needs higher know-how and more time than fitting standard soft or GP contact lenses. Often, computerized maps of the curvature of the entire cornea are created to facilitate the lens fitting, and several trial lenses of different sizes and curvatures may be used to the eye during the fitting process.
How is the fitting procedure performed? Scleral lenses may only be fitted by specially trained optometrists. Rients Visser developed modern scleral lens fitting techniques, breaking away from the traditional more complex methods (e.g. eye impressions and fenestrated scleral lenses).
Top 10 complications of scleral lenses I t’s funny how fashions always seem to come back around. Contact lenses started big, restricted as they were by manufacturing methods. They then became smaller as the ability to lathe cut plastic lenses came along, as well as a better understanding of the oxygen requirements of the cornea. Even when
fitting guide design options spherical multifocal front toric toric pc oblate oblate multifocal normal prolate corneas presbyopia astigmatism emergent or fruste keratoconus soft contact lens intolerant small diameter gp lens intolerant post-rk, post-lasik nipple cones oval cones moderately irregular corneas ectatic corneas ocular surface
Jupiter Scleral is where is all started for Visionary Optics. Originally designed in 2001 by Dr. Robert Breece, with diameters ranging from 15 to over 18.0mm, it was one of the pioneering designs that started the modern scleral lens industry.

A Guide to Scleral Lens Fitting (2 ed.)

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Fitting Guide SCLE RA L Going Beyond the Fit TM with a Data-Driven Lens Fitting System • Lens diameters of 18.0mm, 18.5mm and 19.0mm • Comprehensive 22-lens diagnostic set • Right and Left anatomical designs • Front Surface Eccentricity (FSE) options Leveraging 6 years of patient data from approximately 7,000 eyes
A Guide to Scleral Lens Fitting (2 ed.) Description A new, updated version of theGuide to Scleral Lens Fittinghas been launched recently.As the editor of the guide, I had the pleasure of working with an international team of over twenty experts in the field – from all
Comfort SL Fitting Guide LENS DESIGN: The Comfort SL scleral lens is a semi-sclera design. It is intended for dry non-distorted ametropia eyes. It incorporates a proprietary multiple posterior curve system to obtain corneal alignment. Patients who wear Comfort SL will have unsurpassed comfort and clarity throughout the day. When ordering, all
The Europa Scleral® features are designed to provide: Lens diameters of 16.0 mm, 18.0 mm and 20.0 mm – appropriate for managing a wide range of corneal sizes. The Europa Scleral® lens parameters can be customized to suit any preferences and requirements; Multiple fitting sets are NOT necessary to fit oblate and prolate corneas

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Corneo-scleral topography allows for precise fitting

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